Foda-se o cabelo, foda-se a roupa e foda-se os padrões da sociedade. Estamos vivendo em um mundo onde a aparência física vale mais do que a aparência interior. Um mundo onde crianças de 10 anos estão loucas para beijar, crianças de 13 já fazem sexo e adolescentes de 16 já estão grávidas. Corpo é tudo, inteligência é nada. Garota legal é garota puta; garoto legal é garoto pegador. Porra, vamos parar com isso! Casamentos acabam em 3 meses, “eu te amo” agora virou “bom dia”. A sociedade tende a afundar ao invés de melhorar.

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And the village children , like the third brother grew Xiaomei and diligent , not to old, has been with the adults work in the fields . Throw seeds , picking green beans , cotton picking , pick soybeans, corn breaking , digging sweet potatoes, peanuts slip , tick bean sprouts , catching cotton insects, point fertilizers, playing tobacco, sesame Teng , hoeing weeds, cut wheat , when an adult 's little helper " crops alive , do not learn , people doing we doing ." Ma Feng is the reason woman to observe your girlfriend boy misplaced, instantly banging the entranceway within the living space Feng Ma, Ma Feng open the entranceway, this woman required utilizing headache: " losers enables you to be weep, any identity within the publication yet still?? Thick rain Italy, osmanthus fragrance still hard . Looking at the table has faded yellow osmanthus bandit , however , meditation experience, can still smell a faint scent. I suddenly felt that bloom only once a lifetime , after leaving this world can still be left to the "beauty" of the association. From that special fragrance , I think the sun in March , swirling butterflies and a cool summer 's Oasis . I suddenly discovered that the window is a thick sweet-scented osmanthus under the rain . Rain is Osmanthus emotional sustenance , osmanthus rain metaphor. yql2014