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Wu Sisi exasperated: inches Dork! inches In fact , each of us came to this world is charged with two inescapable , the same , important responsibility , and that is love and parents love their children , but we must pension nail in the coffin for parents , children must be dependent adult , this is as a person should fulfill obligations and responsibilities ! We have only these two tasks completed well, can love more people to live up to this life . Each person's heart has a river, it is always in the hearts of the home flowing river. Regardless of the passage of time, no matter how much water piled sandbar, home of the endless stream of the river is always flowing in the heart! No matter where wandering, wandering heart could hear her soulful call, just like always Stubbs strings, around the clock to an ancient Heartsongs play. Hometown River ah, always overflowing with gentle, always loaded with heavy love. yql2014